Quiet Massage


"What a find for me!  Signe is by far the best massage therapist in Austin!  She truly is better than any of the numerous therapists that I've had around the world at 5 star hotels, spas and resorts -- and at half the price!  She really cares about how you are doing and what your body is feeling.  She definitely has the healing touch.  Signe is that rare person who has discovered what they have the gift to do. "

Peggy M., Austin, TX

"My massage with Signe was amazing.  She provided an atmosphere that was calm and welcoming.  The massage was firm, yet gentle.  I left feeling relaxed, peaceful and centered.  I was so impressed I got a gift certificate for my best friend!"

Hilary A.

"Signe has healed injuries, relaxed my stressed body and mind, and nurtured my body with massage through two pregnancies.  She is in tune with what my body needs and has twenty years of massage experience to back it up."

Paja S.

"Signe was my massage therapist for several years and was an enormous asset in keeping my muscles loose and working effectively.  As a competitive runner I relied on our massage sessions to help me between heavy training to work effectively and well.  Signe's intuitive approach to the muscle tissue and her focus on detail were marvelous.  Her whole manner and enthusiasm about her work inspired me such that I am also a a bodyworker but like to think of her as my mentor, giving me an early example of excellent attention to detail and a healing touch."

Sarah S.

"I have had the opportunity and good fortune to have Signe Wendt as my weekly masseuse for the past 15 years.  She gives an excellent massage and is extremely professional.  She also knows so much about the body and has been so helpful when I have had an injury or a pulled muscle.  She gets my highest recommendation and I'm just sorry the plane fare is too expensive to travel from the panhandle of Florida to Austin, Texas every week."

Beverly M.

Quiet Massage
Quiet Massage

Massage Pricing


 30 Minutes $40
 60 Minutes $75
 90 Minutes $110

Integrative Massage

This blended massage style combines both deep tissue techniques and a more relaxing swedish style to bring your body to the point where the muscles release and the healing begins.

CranioSacral Therapy

This light touch therapeutic treatment focuses on the head and spine working with the nervous system to address concerns that may not be muscular.  CST is particularly beneficial for headaches, anxiety, TMJ, and in developing a deeper understanding of your body.

Prenatal and Infant Massage

A gentle monthly massage during pregnancy will help prepare you for labor and provides a multitude of benefits both for the mother and the developing baby.  After a series of pregnancy massages, I teach the mother how to massage her new baby, which provides benefits to both mother and child

More Testimonials:

Signe Wendt is a gifted massage therapist who I have used for many years.  Signe obtains, maintains and develops her skills from ongoing and extensive training, immense knowledge of how the body works and spiritually based intuition.  She asks her clients questions and listens to their responses before the session begins.  I am grateful to Signe and her healing touch and most of all her generous spirit.  I highly recommend her services without hesitation."

Cindy W.

"Signe knows how to get the 'heart' of the art of massage.  Her faith flows into your body through her fingers, healing more than just muscles.  On more than one occasion she has healed my back, my heart and my soul.  She is the best massage therapist I have had since my car accident 4 years ago.  Thank God for Signe!"

Ann S.

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